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About Us

Blaire Kessler

I am a former Miss Winston Cup/NASCAR ’98 and I created products for myself due to a breast cancer diagnosis right after giving birth to my daughter in 2005. I am a young survivor who, due to cancer treatment, had major hair problems and scarring on my skin. I did research and discovered that there were no 100% natural products on the market that included all of the ingredients I needed to return my hair to its healthy condition. I received some products from my friend, but was scared to use them because of chemicals and known carcinogens in most commercial products.

That’s when I decided to help myself. W. Clement Stone once said, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” So I went to the library and did tons of research on the ancient cultures of the African, Native American, Egyptian, Asian, Sanskrit Indian, Grecian and European people. I was interested to know what they did back in the day to remedy hair and skin problems. I found a vast amount of information. I compiled ideal lists of ingredients, most of which were readily available and were some not. I then made my own leave-in hair and scalp revival serum and a treatment cream for scarring and skin renewal.

In early 2007, my husband mentioned that my hair and skin were looking really good and believed that the products might be able to help other people as well. He was right! I was confident my products can help others and that is why I started my own company Pristine Beauty, Inc. and collaborated with a team of professional chemists to create effective 100% natural, carcinogen free solutions for people like me who are living a healthy lifestyle.

Blaire and Dylan Kessler

As a breast cancer survivor, it was important to me to produce products for the public with ingredients that were not only tested but also evaluated by a doctor. I contacted the one doctor renowned for critiquing cosmetics for being toxic, Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, the founder of the Cancer Prevention Coalition. He does not endorse any products, but after reviewing all of the ingredients in my products, he issued a letter stating that they are acceptable for safe public use — which to a cancer survivor is mandatory during and after recovery.

My goal was to make these products look as special on the outside as they are on the inside. It is my hope for the consumer who chooses to buy Pristine Beauty® products to feel special in the same way. My friends say that they regret products like mine were on the market when I was diagnosed with cancer because they wanted to help.

After all, what do you get for someone going through a tough time?

These products not only provide an elegant solution, but support charity as well. Pristine Beauty® donates a portion of the proceeds to the Young Survival Coalition® and the Cancer Prevention Coalition.

Whereas a cancer diagnosis is never easy to hear, I chose to donate to young breast cancer survivors because when you are young and feeling invincible, a cancer diagnosis is the last thing you expect. One of the main goals of Pristine Beauty® is to make people more aware of potential carcinogens in cosmetics, and to produce products that are a safer choice. Therefore, I choose to give to these two charities that promote awareness of risks and safety in cosmetics.

I do not carry the inherent breast cancer gene, so I don’t know the reason I developed cancer in my early thirties.

Perhaps, the cause was something within my control such as making a conscious choice to rid my refrigerator and my vanity of unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals. If I can convince one woman and she can convince another person to check beauty labels and refrain from using harmful beauty products, then I feel we will be making a difference in the world.

My hope is that Pristine Beauty® products promote a positive mind, a joyful spirit and a healthy lifestyle. There is finally a fun spin on a bad situation that has a touch of Old Hollywood Glamour!

Oh No! You didn't put chemicals in my baby location!As the director of Pristine Beauty®, I promise:

  • To deliver superior quality, yet seriously effective natural skin and hair care.
  • To demonstrate socially responsible and ethical business practices.
  • To offer helpful information to encourage the use of natural, chemical-free beauty products which will enhance your appearance while contributing to a healthy lifestyle.
  • To inspire beauty, self-expression, self-discovery, joy, simplicity and creativity.
  • To serve our global community through environmental stewardship and social service.


Read about the donations of a portion of the proceeds.

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