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Wall of Fame - Testimonials


What Customers are Saying about Pristine Beauty® Products

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Hooray for Brallywood Butta®
No Scary Hairy®
Take A Whiff!®
Locks of Fame® Shampoo
Locks of Fame® Conditioner
Sunless Strip®
General Testimonials

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Hooray for Brallywood Butta® Testimonials



I have used everything on the market to combat signs of ageing and heal acne scarring, now I have found "Hooray for Brallywood Butta"...it's the best I have ever come across!! I've been working with big brand names like Strivectin, Creme De La Mer, etc. But this is the BEST EVER, I always order a couple to make sure they won't run out. Thank you for a wonderful product."

Robert Bohl, Sweden



I am a flutist and have uncomfortably dry hands. I love your Brallywood Butta! Finally I can put on a safe cream that will make my hands soft and supple, yet won't make my flute slip and slide. This will definitely go in my flute bag. Thank you!"

Geneva T. (Fullerton, CA)



I love this product! I cannot believe how lucky I feel to have seen it in San Antonio, Texas at Whole Foods, and now I am determined to get the product in the Whole Foods in Arizona! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Susan S (Peoria, Arizona)



It's a great product. The sun that shines over the "Desert of Certain Death" is very unforgiving, but your product has been able to keep the skin of my hands and face moist and protected. I also use it a lot on the bottom of my feet. "




Thank you so much for sharing your tips on incorporating the bioferment sea kelp! I absolutely love the Hooray for Brallywood Butta and am excited to try adding in the bioferment sea kelp. It's hard to imagine that the "butta" could be improved upon as it stands alone as an amazing moisturizer and it allows makeup to glide on effortlessly. Thank you for your compassion and genius! "

Many Blessings, Karen, from the Pristine Beauty® Girl You Tube Channel



Hi Blaire, a quick email to tell you how much I appreciate your products. Obviously you put a lot of thought and planning into making them healthy and wholesome and I love using them. Your facial moisturizer is the best I've found and believe me I've tried a lot It is my favorite cosmetic product carried at Whole Foods. I just hope you stay in business a long time. There is nothing better on the market as far as I'm concerned. So just wanted to say thanks. "

Lynne Wogan



I was so pleased that you called me right back in response to my last minute order of the Brallywood Butta for my destination wedding in Maui! I don’t know what I would have done without this blessed cream on my extended wedding/honeymoon trip! The “Buttah” has been the only one hundred percent natural and chemical free moisturizer I’ve found to help even and tone my skin. I love everything about it, from its unique and glamorous glass bottle to its delicious scent! The fact that you personally expedited this order for me so I could take the cream with me on my trip was so kind and generous, I can’t even believe to tell you how grateful I am! I swear by all of your products and will remain a customer for life! "

With Sincere Gratitude,
Amanda Waleryszak



I am amazed by Hooray for Brallywood Butta. I had my first child five years ago and have never been able to diminish the appearance of the stretch marks from the pregnancy. I tried several creams and nothing seemed to work. I am now expecting again and the stretch marks seemed to increase and even multiply! After speaking with my sister, she suggested I try this cream, Hooray for Brallywood Butta. After trying everything else with no results, and spending a ton of money on different creams I had my doubts, but she promised it was a "miracle cream" and I decided to give it a try. After using the cream for a little over a week, sure enough the stretch marks were diminishing! Now after only a few weeks of use they are almost gone! After 5 years, nothing had worked for me and now Brallywood Butta has almost taken the stretch marks away! I am truly amazed and thrilled with this product! Not only is it a skin renewal treatment, but the scent is absolutely divine!! I can not thank you enough for such a wonderful product. Also, being a Registered Nurse, knowing that it is 100% natural, keeps my mind at ease knowing there are no chemicals in the product going directly onto my skin. Way to Go and HOORAY FOR BRALLYWOOD BUTTA!!!!!!"

Cindy Ward, RN



Hey Blaire! We meet a while back when you were on Good Morning Texas. I had to take a minute to just rave about your products-- ever since you've been on I have been hooked! I am OBSESSED with the Hooray For Brallywood Butta. It's such a great product all around-- so much that I have never in my time as a producer loved a product so much to write and tell the guest. Please stay in touch-- and if you are ever in the Dallas area and want to come on to talk about new products-- please let me know!"

Angie Carpenter
Producer, Good Morning Texas



Thank you so much for making this cream. I have tried every cream known to man, for my dry hands. I am obsessive about natural and organic products and know the health benefits of using them. I never write to companies about their products but had to write to you!!!! Please do not discontinue or reformulate!!!! This cream is by far the greatest cream on the market, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!"

Sydne Page



I bought your cream today at the Whole Foods in Chapel Hill. I was a little nervous about buying the entire creme, so I squired a generous amount in my hand, applied it to my face, and left. I couldn't believe how many compliments I got on my skin the rest of the day! I went right back after work to purchase the full bottle."

Blogger, NocturnalBlonde



I use this along with the "No More Scary Hair" on my face, and it has been wonderful. (Sounds weird to use a hair preaudit on your face, but you have to read about the product to understand - it is good for everything!) My face is so much softer, makeup goes on easier, and my fine lines are hardly noticeable. I love this stuff!"

BillieB, Total Beauty Web Reviewer



This all-natural cream smells great and keeps my skin feeling very smooth. Try it! "

Katie Wilson, Total Beauty Web Reviewer



I have rosacea and I have to be very careful what I put on my face. I tried this product and I didn't have any reaction to this lotion. I love the fact that it is 100% natural, no toxins. Light, airy and it smells great too! "

djw7725 , Total Beauty Web Reviewer



Smells and works great! Really helped with my scars. "

Mia Madison , Total Beauty Web Reviewer



Love the smell. Works good but pricey. I think it is worth the money though! "

justvickie, Total Beauty Web Reviewer



I am a big fan of this stuff. I use it everyday and no only is the smell fantastic, but my skin has never looked better. I have a large scar on my abdomen and I have noticed that it is getting much less noticeable since using this product. There is something so great about using a product that you know is going to do nothing but make you better. Great!!!!!!! "

ashleyolliver, Total Beauty Web Reviewer



This is one of the best moisturizers I have found to date! It is light and non greasy and lasts all day! To top all of that it does an amazing job to aid in the reduction of scars! I have tried several different creams to minimize scars and this is the only one that has worked for me! Plus, the nice lemon scent brings compliments galore!! I love it! "

cheeky17, Total Beauty Web Reviewer


No Scary Hairy® Testimonials


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 2 products I've purchased so far...Take A Whiff and No Scary Hairy.

I recently lost 70 lbs. and my deodorant started smelling funny and was not working at the end of the day...honestly...I stank! I tried at least 6 different products with no luck. I saw a recommendation in the Rachael Ray magazine and tried Take A Whiff. It is AWESOME, it smells great and it works...no more stinky me! And...it does not sting like the others after shaving.

My hair has a tendency to be frizzy even after I flat iron. I've been using No Scary Hairy for several weeks and noticed a difference with the first application. My hair is shiny and strong. I love it.

When are you going to start making all natural foundations, eye shadows, bronzers, blush, etc. Everything I try makes me break out, including high end products!

Thanks so much for wonderful products!"

Zoey Lenker, Oklahoma City


I was very impressed trying out this natural product. This little jar packed a punch to my frizz. I have a lot of very thick coarse hair. It take a lot of product to usually calm it down. I tried the Scary Hair and it was all I needed. A few drops to scrunch into my hair and it was calm and natural looking. I am paying more attention to what products I put on my scalp that seep into the skin. The more natural the better. I also liked that my hair didn’t feel like it had grease on it, it actually was soft. That little jar is worth it for anyone with coarse, frizzy type hair or not." Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes"

Susan, Body Essentials Staff Member



I have such coarse hair and to finally have found a product that tames and makes it feel silky is amazing. What makes it special is that it is all natural and with all the coloring I won't use anything else anymore. This product isn't available everywhere, thank you Solutions for picking this up! Love it."




No Scary Hairy is the best Serum I have found to date. After years of coloring and straightening my hair, it was pretty dry and brittle. After using this only a few times I noticed a huge difference! The dry split ends are no more!! It truly gives your hair a silky smooth texture and you feel amazing knowing it is 100% natural. I have not found a product that works this well and is all natural at the same time so you know you are not further damaging your hair with more chemicals!!! No Scary Hairy gives your hair amazing silky texture and incredible shine! My hair dresser was even amazed at the wonderful condition my hair was in after using! I would recommend this product to anyone...even men!!!!"




I just loved this product. There are a ton of "hair helpers" out there and its hard to tell which ones are the real deals...believe me Scary Hairy is the real deal. I actually noticed a difference the first time I used it. My hair is softer and even styles better than before! you can use this product on wet or dry hair, its fabulous! and a little goes along way!!! Thanks for making such an awesome product!"

Tkomodo , Total Beauty Web Reviewer



This stuff did wonders for my dried out hair. I am addicted!"

Mia Madison, Total Beauty Web Reviewer



I am so glad to have found this product. I have tried a number of products over the years and many do not work or leave your hair oily. I could see and feel the effects of this the first time I used it! It doesn't leave an oily look and leaves your hair feeling revitalized. Plus it is the only all natural hair serum I have found to date! A little goes a long way even on long hair so you really get your monies worth with this one!"

dacheek, Total Beauty Web Reviewer



Awesome product. Worked wonders on my long hair, especially the dry damaged ends. I have tried tons of products to help deal with extremely long, thick hair, as it is not the easiest hair to tend to. this is one of the best I have tried."

eileen06, Total Beauty Web Reviewer



I just love this stuff it really does work being a single mother working a couple jobs don't always have time for myself my kids were always making fun of my frizzy hair that is until i tried this product now all anybody can say is what great hair i have plus it is affordable & not a waste of money! "

thorgren, Total Beauty Web Reviewer



I actually bought this as a part of a set, and as I read the directions, I realized I could use this on my face. I'm trying to go with an all-natural line of facial products, and found my current line is full of artificial stuff. So while I am searching, I began using this, along with the Hooray For Brallywood Butta on my face, and it has done wonders. My face is softer, lines are way less noticeable, my makeup goes on smoothly. It feels awesome! I may not need another facial line after all! Although it was somewhat costly, so was my other line. This line is all natural, good-for-you stuff! Well worth every penny! A part of the proceeds goes towards young cancer survivors and cancer prevention, so I felt very good about my purchase. "

BillieB, Total Beauty Web Reviewer



Amazing stuff. Did wonders for my hair. Try it, i guarantee you will love it "

StephanieG2009, Total Beauty Web Reviewer


Take A Whiff!®


I just want to tell you how wonderful your product is. I recently bought your under arm deodorant for my 10 year old daughter who started having quite a strong under arm smell. Although I am sure this is just a sign of her developmental stage, it concerned me as people are very sensitive about "smelling funny", especially among young children.

I tried a few different natural products, that we bought from Whole Foods, but nothing worked consistently throughout the day. After applying her deodorant in the morning, when she would return from school you could tell that those products where not working successfully and I would worry about the impression she may have left on her fellow students and teachers.

YOUR product, however, has been fantastic!!! Thank you. As a Japanese national, this is a very important issue for us and I feel like I want to tell everyone who has a same problem in Japan! We could tell the difference immediately, and now I don't need to worry about my daughter going to school and sitting with her friends. Thank you very much for making this product.

Now, my husband is wondering if you could sell a similar product for men after recognizing the difference. It would be nice to have a men's product in the future. I'll just buy the same one as my daughter for my husband until then.


Akiko Ellen — Raleigh, North Carolina


Take a Whiff deodorant is truly incredible. I used to use deodorants containing aluminum almost all my life, and I noticed recently the awful film it left on my skin. On top of that I would have to change the kinds I used because it would always stop working for odor. I saw Take a Whiff in a Las Vegas boutique dedicated to natural beauty. The sales girl saw me looking at it and told me about her experience. The one thing she said to me was "At first you may not like the way you smell. That is because your body is detoxifying. Please just keep using it." She was right. At first I smelled awful (gross, I know). But I stuck with it because I knew that a deodorant I could barely scrub off in the shower because it left such a nasty film couldn't be good for me. Well, I am two weeks in and I did the smell check with my husband. You know what he said? "You smell good." Yes!!! I am SOOOOO glad I stuck with this deodorant. I am recommending this to all my friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this healthy WORKING deodorant that I can feel safe using."

Tiny Dancer has left a new comment on your post "Share Your Story


I love your deodorant I recommend it to all of my friends. I have to hide it from my husband because he loves it and keeps using it."

Michele, California


Works all day long, smells fantastic and is aluminum-free! Double the size of a regular deodorant."

wolfpacker1993, Total Beauty Web Reviewer


I have to say I was skeptical. I never thought a deodorant that wasn't "regular" would work. I was wrong. This product not only smells great but I never sweat and I never smell bad. I know this product was developed for cancer patients but I use it anyway. It will work great for everyone."

Ashley Olliver, Total Beauty Web Reviewer


The best smelling deodorant on the market and it is aluminum-free!"

Mia Madison, Total Beauty Web Reviewer


Smells sooooo good. Works like a charm. I am addicted to these great products! Plus, proceeds go to Cancer Foundations year round!!!"

Katie Wilson, Total Beauty Web Reviewer


I found out about this product form the ecostiletto website, and they said it smelled like an orange creamsicle and is all natural (no-aluminum or other toxic chemicals), so I just had to order it. I got free shipping since it was breast cancer awareness month..yay.

Anyway, it really does live up to the rave from ecostilett...o! It smells yummy (with all natural fragrance), glides on smoothly, but isn't wet or sticky, and prevents odor. I have used it for a couple of weeks now, and I haven't smelled nasty yet. I wore it during a major shopping trip, and I was very hot, and I did notice that it didn't prevent wetness. But that is ok to me, because sweating is actually healthy for you (eliminates the toxins), and this didn't claim to be an antiperspirant, just a deodorant. You get a very large size, and I imagine it will take at least 2 years for me to finish up. Overall, I'm so glad I found this!!"

perk0130, Total Beauty Web Reviewer



I have tried all natural deodorants and have not found one that really works until NOW! So excited and it feels great as well. It feels like you are not wearing anything!"

pasogirl, Total Beauty Web Reviewer



This deodorant is great. It smells so good and works very well. I wish more stores would carry it. I got it off of their website."

StephanieG2009, Total Beauty Web Reviewer



After hearing about the dangers of aluminum in deodorants/antiperspirants, I spent so much money on different brands of natural deodorant and none of them worked. I really questioned whether Take a Whiff was worth the money but decided to buy it anyway because I'd run out of options. Wow, was I pleasantly surprised! It does a fabulous job at keeping odors at bay and so I became a true believer. You'll still sweat a little because it is not an antiperspirant (you need aluminum for that) but at least you won't smell bad! Then my husband and I decided to move overseas and I realized I was nearly out of Take a Whiff. There was no way I was going to leave the country without a supply but I was running out of time. No problem for Blaire, the owner. She quickly sent my order, all packaged prettily and I was set. Thanks, Blaire!"

EllenH, Total Beauty Web Reviewer



This stuff is amazing! All natural, has a wonderful scent. It is nice to know I am doing something good for my body by using this awesome product! As someone who gets body odor without using a product, I was hesitant to go with an all-natural deodorant. This far exceeded my expectation. "

BillieB, Total Beauty Web Reviewer



This is the best natural deodorant I've tried since I decided to "Go Green" with my health & beauty care regimen. It has the best antiperspirant power of all the deodorants I've tried that are aluminum-free and propylene glycol-free. (I've tried at least 8 different natural deodorants without any luck.) The scent is nice, the size of the product is generous, there are no questionable or potentially harmful ingredients, and it lives up to its claims of keeping you dry and odor-free. I am definitely going to be buying this deodorant again and again. And I'd love it even more if it were more easily accessible like through Sephora, Target, Beauty (dot*com) or other major retailers! Don't hesitate to try this product -- you will not be disappointed. "

MsMama, Total Beauty Web Reviewer



So, I already had a natural deodorant that I was satisfied with. It took me forever to find one that actually worked. But I was running out. And it only works if I am not already stinky (so it prevents stinkiness, but if I'm already smelly, it doesn't do as well). I woke up one morning to be on time for ballet class without... showering. My instructor announced to the class that someone is very, very stinky and we all need to remember to use deodorant. I was so embarrassed! The next day, I went to the Whole Foods store to find a deodorant I can use on the go. I was going to settle for some random natural one that doesn't work very well, but the packaging of this caught my eye. I took a whiff and it was absolutely lickably divine!!! It was 15 dollars and I said "... you know what? Its worth 15 bucks. It caught my attention. The smell is to die for. And its donating to a cause the creator cares for. Why not give it a shot?" I put it on my already smelly pits. It lasted the rest of the day. I asked my boyfriend to sniff my armpit and he said it smells sweet! It lasted all through the night. I still smell like a delicious cream-cicle!! I will have a more in depth review later as I use this in my daily life (working out, etc). "

Dottywine, Total Beauty Web Reviewer

Locks of Fame® Shampoo Testimonials



I saw your blog on facebook and for the first time you did great. Have you considered going on the Home Shopping Network? This network is seen by millions of people. I love your products and the improvement in my hair and skin is great. I am 72 and the Thyroid cancer treatment of radioactive iodine did a lot of damage to my skin and hair. The medication isn't great but I have to take it or the cancer comes back. I have severe dandruff and it was affecting the skin on my face. I saw an article in Redbook that said when this happens a person could use Head and Shoulders on their face and it would help. So, I started to use your shampoo as a soap to wash my face and then apply the cream. My skin has gotten better and isn't so flaky. I will be ordering some more product this week with a money order. God Bless your products."




I just had to write to let you know how much I love the shampoo! It is nothing like anything I have used before. I can't get over how much body my hair has. I am going to order the conditioner now. Thanks for such an amazing product."

Suzanna B. Marion, IA



I am so in love with the Locks of Fame® shampoo & conditioner! My hair is so bouncy, feels AND looks sooo healthy! I believe I have found my holy grail shampoo & conditioner! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't wait to try the No Scary Hairy serum!!!"


Locks of Fame® Conditioner Testimonials



My favorite products are the Pristine Beauty® Conditioner and the hair oil. They are just awesome. Conditioner, as a leave in conditioner for my waist length hair, smells really nice and I feel luxury when I use it. So much body as well for my baby fine locks. The other is the Scary Hairy. I am a firm believer in this one, roots to tips like Blaire says, and not only the hair, I use on the face as a lite serum. The YlangYlang is immersion in scent, you really feel divine. I can SEE my hair's improvement over the 6 months I have used it!"

Posted by Anonymous to Pristine Beauty® Blog at January 21, 2011 7:00 PM

Sunless Strip®



Prior to the formulation of Sunless Strip, my options for a self-tanner were non-existent. For years I've avoided toxic ingredients in food, cosmetics and household cleaning products. How happy I was to hear about Sunless Strip! Blaire Kessler, CEO of Pristine Beauty and developer of Sunless Strip, put her genius to work in creating this amazing product. Self-tanning products often result in an unnatural orange tone on the skin. Sunless Strip leaves a healthy "sun-kissed" radiance that is very natural looking. It soaks in within minutes, so no more waiting forever to get dressed. And Sunless Strip contains a citrus oil trio of orange, lemon verbena and bergamot - it smells good enough to eat! Sunless Strip's ingredients are fully disclosed, so there's no high claims to "healthy ingredients" mixed with toxic ones: IT'S ALL GOOD, from aloe vera and green tea extract to shea butter and jojoba seed oil. See Blaire's explanation of Sunless Strip on YouTube: [...] She's not only a beautiful person, but a cancer survivor and advocate for us girls who want healthy beauty products. "


Lois Ann M.,

General Testimonials



Hello there! I just wanted to say that your products are amazing! I’m addicted and now I finally feel like I have a hair ritual for myself. Thank you for saving my hair. I tell everyone about your products and how truly special they are. Thank you again. "

Sarah H., NC



Oh and your YouTube videos are great! I really appreciate how you talk about the ingredients in your products in detail… That really helps because I’m always so curious about all that! Thanks again! Thank you so much for creating it! I LOVE the scent and that it is a multi functional product too. And that each ingredient is added for a purpose and not just a filler! My husband even uses it!! I’ll actually be picking up the shampoo, conditioner and deodorant today to try for the first time, which I’m sure I’ll love as I do the Brallywood Butta! Thank you thank you thank you! Your Brallywood Butta is AMAZING."

Katy Stewart, Tulsa, OK

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